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I have worked in a variety of industries, from creating diesel fuel additives at a Dallas chemical company, to technical and instructional positions with the Department of Defense, as a civilian and military member. I bring to my employers dependability, loyalty, discipline, excellent communication skills, honesty, intelligence, and a sense of duty.

I am seeking full-time employment, and will accept only legitimate and reasonable part-time offers.

Major Accomplishments (narrative)

Presently, I provide tier 1 technical help desk assistance to friends and relatives. I also create, host and administer web sites for the Greater Dallas Veterans Foundation (Dallas Veterans Day Parade), Air Force Association Dallas (AFA Dallas), my high school alumni website (GHS 21st Century Alumni), and several others. I use Dreamweaver, a bit of javascript, CSS and HTML, specializing in cross-platform/cross-browser creation.

I successfully managed a lease service (gas) station prior to active duty military, providing jobs and a variety of services.

During 12 years in the US Navy's Submarine Force, I successfully passed all my courses at or near the top of my classes. All my electronic preventive procedures were performed expeditiously. Corrective procedures were always performed logically and rapidly, resulting in absolutely no system downtime. I exceled during my time as a formal instructor, always finding alternative methods to explain difficult to understand concepts.

Since leaving the US Navy, I have been directly involved with network administration and web site creation. I was the webmaster for an Air National Guard Wing for 4 years, creating private and public sites for the first time in their history. I also created Federal web content creation guides (official) to ensure submitted content was complient with all Federal standards, including section 508 of the Disabilities Act.

When asked if I could revise the US Air Force's network administrator's qualification course, I took the challenge and completed a full revision in 2 months, utilizing technical reference, my own knowledge and that of resident subject matter experts. Subsequently, I initiated the program and qualified instructors to teach all modules of the course. I also created the test bank database and maintained all course and testing statistics.


Mountain View College - A.A.S. (Welding Technologies); 3.59 GPA
Phi Theta Kappa, Dean's List, Honors Program

Mountain View College - A.A. (Liberal Arts); 3.54 GPA
Phi Theta Kappa, Dean's List, Honors Program

Olympic College - 19 credit hours; 3.48 GPA
LAN Management and Support

DeSoto High School (National Honor Society, All State Band, American Legion Boys State, Student Congress, John Philip Sousa Award)

12 short courses in Electronic Commerce, Electronic Data Interchange and Business Needs Analysis.

U.S. Navy advanced courses in computers, electronics, electro-mechanical, inertial physics, curriculum development, quality assurance, maintenance management.